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Unlocking the real potential of your company

Discover how Technology is a fundamental part of this quarantine.

Through telemedicine, artificial intelligence, or mobile applications, technology is helping to control and combat the expansion of COVID-19.

Check out some measures that your company can take in this pandemic.

Do not forget to also implement the preventive measures and recommendations published by the Health and Safety Committee.


Be efficient and take control of your company with our services and grow in an organized way without interrupting your operations, gaining visibility in every organization.

Personal and
Technical support

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We have a professional and certified group with extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, supplies, inventory control, planning, costs, floor control and finance that will allow you to receive on-site support either by project or by the hour. Providing recommendations based on best practices.

We also have technical support on site or remote to support you with administration, configuration and troubleshooting in the PROGRESS Open Edge database or with the ERP MFG PRO from QAD.

Project management

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We have highly experienced personnel in Project Management to support you in implementation and / or migration projects of the QAD MFG PRO ERP.

We also manage software development projects that use different programming technologies and specifically in developments in PROGRESS.

Development of

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We are specialized in the technologies required for Digital Transformation that allows organizations to adopt Industry 4.0.

We support companies in the adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning so that companies become more efficient and efficient, allowing them to meet or exceed the expectations of their clients and make decisions more focused on their sectors. market.

QAD Adaptive

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We are specialized in manufacturing process consulting, logistics, planning, supply, production, floor control, costs and warehouses in the manufacturing sector.

Facilitating the adoption of new technologies, best practices and smoothing the transfer to digitization of the entire organization.


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Our staff has experience in development using the PROGRESS programming languages, VB .Net, Phyton, C ++ and others, for the construction of custom programs, APIs, communication interfaces using different databases, mainly OPEN EDGE from PROGRESS.

We also manage software development projects that use different programming technologies and specifically in developments in PROGRESS.

Technology and Process Consulting

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We adapt and analyze each of the needs of the project, with the sole objective of achieving a substantial improvement in the time spent in each process, improving quality and controlling them.