AI displays images of high-functioning human-looking robots taking over the world, AI is not intended to replace humans. Its objective is to significantly improve human capabilities and contributions. That makes it a very valuable business asset.

AI has become a blanket term for applications that perform complex tasks that previously required human input, such as online communication with customers. To get the full value of AI, many companies are making significant investments in scientific data equipment. Data Science, an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific and other methods to extract value from data, combines knowledge from fields such as statistics and computing with business knowledge to analyze data that is collected from multiple sources.

AI in business

AI technology is improving business performance and productivity by automating processes or tasks that previously required human power. AI can also make sense of data on a scale that no human could ever.

What is driving the adoption of Artificial Intelligence?

There are many factors that drive the development of AI in all sectors, we share some of them:

High performance computing capacity is now possible and available. The abundance of commodity computing power in the cloud allows easy access to affordable, high-performance computing power.
Large volumes of data are available for training. AI needs to be trained on a lot of data to make the correct predictions. The emergence of different tools for labeling data, in addition to the ease with organizations, can also store and process structured and unstructured data, allowing more organizations to build and train AI algorithms.
Applied AI provides a competitive advantage. Companies are increasingly recognizing the competitive advantage of applying AI insights to business goals. Because AI can help companies make better decisions, faster.

Assistance in your AI experience

You can’t give up on AI transformation. To remain competitive, each company must finally embrace AI. Companies that fail to adopt AI will be left behind.

While your company may be the exception, most companies don’t have the in-house talent and experience to develop the kind of intelligence and solutions that can maximize AI capabilities.

If you need help developing the right strategy and accessing the right tools to be successful in your AI transformation experience, contact us and we will provide support in each of the processes so you can implement Artificial Intelligence.