Hard Skills refer to the set of technical skills or knowledge that employees have to carry out their activity.


You can see two clear and interconnected trends: an increase in cloud technology and artificial intelligence, and an increase in the improvement of that experience. In addition, the new opportunities of the digital ecosystem are revaluing some skills. It is important that we remember that a skill or ability is not the same as a profession. Examples of this are:

The blockchain (or chain of blocks) has gained traction this year and has positioned itself as the most valued hard skill in the world of work, according to LinkedIn. This is due to the fact that its system, based on mathematical operations, allows you to record transactions or purchase and sale operations with total security.

-Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a distribution method that offers services in the cloud (the Internet network). E-businesses such as Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, Onedrive and Dropbox are some examples of how this technology works.
And since all information and processes are hosted and developed in the cloud, cloud computing works regardless of the storage capacity of your computer or smartphone. Yes, managing files or information in the cloud has become a trend.

-Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is changing everything. Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence carried out by machines.

-UX Design
This professional ensures that the interaction between people and digital products is optimal. To be trained as such, it is recommended to have notions of design and programming, but it is not essential.

-Business analysis
An expert in business analysis is the bridge between the interested groups, direct or indirect, in which the company carries out successful projects. Its main role is to study the operation of companies to recommend decisions or solutions, in order for them to achieve their objectives.

-Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMM) or Marketing in social networks represents a perfect opportunity for companies to strengthen the emotional bond with their customers and boost their sales.

-Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is the set of strategies aimed at promoting a brand on the internet.

The world of work has changed due to the transformation of technology and will continue to do so. As a consequence, the hard skills that companies need to innovate and grow year after year are not always the same. Also, there are always surprises, like the Blockchain.