Factors such as motivation, camaraderie, and the sharing of views can help each team member bring out their best. However, it is normal that when opinions or personalities confront each other, misunderstandings and even confusion are generated.

Building successful teams doesn’t have to be complicated if done in a disciplined way and with a goal in mind. Therefore, we present 10 key points to work as a team successfully.

1. Create a sense of belonging.

The fact that everyone feels part of the group is the most powerful factor in creation of Equipements. Integration activities can be very beneficial in this sense, since they make each member aware of their impact on the equipment.

2. Boost communication.

The key to success in work teams is that there are channels of clear and effective two-way communication. The real teams are listen and give feedback but are also willing to change their minds to create strategies together and be able to achieve objectives.

3. Identify and assign roles.

To avoid confusion, assigning roles is a key step. This also avoids double work and potential conflicts: everyone works to achieve a common goal, but each one must be clear about their individual tasks and responsibilities.
It is very easy to criticize or underestimate the work of others when you do not know it or have not executed it. To create empathy among your workers, it is recommended to perform dynamics between areas, so each member will know what the other’s work consists of and how they can contribute to doing it better.

4. Set common goals.

To achieve teamwork within a company or organization you must pursue the same goals. Therefore, it is important to communicate the mission, vision, objectives and goals of the company and the area in a uniform way and define the way in
that each member and department can contribute to fulfilling it.

5. Define specific action plans subject to monitoring.

It is not only necessary to define objectives but also a detailed plan of action, in which assign managers and compliance dates, tools for monitoring and realization of the objectives of a work team. This action plan must contain a clear, concise and measurable objective, as well as the strategies that will be followed to achieve that objective and the tasks should be
more specific and detailed possible, have specific times, start dates and completion dates, for which it is recommended to adapt to the format of the action a Gantt chart for that purpose.

6. Set up productive meetings.

During productive meetings, new strategies are generated promoting creativity and innovation to grow a company. Therefore it is recommended avoid wasting time with distractors and focus on making the objective to be achieved. When all members know what to do and know its impact they allow the achievement of these objectives.

7. Be a leader.

Every work team needs a leader who guides and unites the efforts of each one of the members, who makes decisions through the active listening of each one of the opinions contributed by the team. Idea generation can be promoted by motivating each employee to share their opinion and in case of not achieving the established objective, the leader must assume the
consequences and do not seek to blame, but on the contrary, meet with the team to propose among all alternative solutions.

8. Take advantage of diversity.

When creating work teams, care should be taken to have personalities and different interests. That the members of a team are different is a huge advantage, since each one has a different point of view and something different to contribute to achieve the goals. Do not underestimate anyone and encourage diversity by valuing the individuality of each member.

9. Do your homework.

Although trust in the team is important, it is important not to delegate to others less trained their tasks, not delay the execution of tasks, and therefore course not abandon them. It is the responsibility of each member to fulfill their functions within the team. By identifying which member of the team provides the greatest added value in activities, tasks can be delegated so that each person can exploit different talents and abilities in order to strengthen the individual’s areas of opportunity.
A team organized by tasks will be more efficient if each one takes charge of your assigned homework in full.

10. Celebrate successes.

When something goes well, it is always best to bring everyone involved together and thank you for your work. Although it is also important to recognize the work individual, it is key that the rewards are given for team results.