Information Technologies are the result of putting Informatics and Telecommunications into interaction. All this, in order to improve the processing, storage and transmission of information.

Among the changes that Industry 4.0 has brought to our lives, are fast and efficient solutions. Creating a new, faster and higher quality form of communication. Improvements that reduce costs and time, applicable both to the business world and to life itself.

Here are some points that are a very important part of Information Technology:

Virtual reality

When the first virtual reality devices for mass consumption emerged in the mid-1990s, they consisted of heavy, expensive visors that allowed little
autonomy of movement. Nowadays it is not necessary to buy more than a visor in which the mobile phone is placed and serves as a device.

Interactive video games in real environments

The iOS and Android platforms opened up greater possibilities for game developers: the camera and screen allow you to play or unlock achievements in physical spaces, obtain additional information and even take pictures with the characters and share them on social networks. Pokemon Go is the best example, although the limited supply of games is due to the years it takes to develop it.


The combination of technologies such as GPS, based on real-time geolocation, helps to increase the safety of children in public and crowded places. Some amusement parks provide security bracelets to prevent theft and in case of loss of the child, find it as soon as possible.

What does Information Technology contribute to the company?

  • At the information level: It reduces costs and improves its use and transmission.
  • Structure level of the company: Improves communication and personal relationships of workers.
  • At a commercial level: Extension of the market (electronic commerce), reduction of logistics costs, facilitates feedback with customers and improves the brand image.

In conclusion, information technologies are a tool that serves to make our lives easier and more comfortable, both on a personal and professional level, and also gives our planet a little encouragement. Therefore, why not give the green light to these advances.