We are in moments of uncertainty. We never thought that this pandemic would affect all companies and agencies, both in sales and in manufacturing processes.

In this article we want to share with you some actions that we are carrying out with our clients and that for the moment are giving positive results, within the exceptional situation.

-Now more than ever, focus on ROAS
It is time to optimize the budget to the maximum. To do this, we must take into account the return that each campaign produces to put the resources there and stop those that are giving us less profitability.

-Adapt your messages
Ignoring the context in which we live is to miss a great opportunity to connect with our audience. Review the messages of your campaigns and take the opportunity to make final adjustments to how your products or services can help them at this specific moment.

-Finish those endless tasks
With the daily routine, many times we do not prioritize certain important tasks because they do not have an immediate effect or return. We talk about in-depth analysis tasks of web analytics, monitoring of metrics and conversions, shaping and implementing automation strategies, carrying out the correct management of our databases, implementing this or that tool with which it will improve our productivity, integration or improving our CRM, improving the texts of our website, recruitment landings, frequently asked questions or remarketing advertisement, etc. Tasks that, once completed, will surely make our digital actions achieve better results.

-It’s time to dust off your CSR strategy
Now more than ever you have to be transparent. Take the opportunity to review and update what we formerly called Mission, Vision and Values. At this time, users value more than ever being able to know if their favorite brands are doing something to combat this crisis, what protection measures they are implementing with their workers and suppliers, what solutions or advantages they are offering at this specific moment, etc.

We hope that these tips will be useful and that they will serve us all so that, during this time that we are having to live, we take the opportunity to become stronger and make our companies more prepared for future storms.