It is time to analyze the best information from search engines and in this article we want to talk to you about the SEO trends that you should know. Take them into account in your plans or strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about organic positioning in search engines or, it is the process of improving the visibility of a website, in the organic results of the different Internet search engines.

For a few years, SEO strategies have become very important, especially in the search for positioning in the Google network, where 90% of the searches of Internet users take place. As is already known, each year Google is making updates to its search algorithm to try to be more exact with the results it shows to users.

Search by voice or AI commands
The latest changes in the Google algorithm have been aimed at strengthening the services of the assistants such as Alexa, Siri and of course that of Google itself.

Some tips to optimize your website for voice and mobile searches are:

• Write conversational content using natural language. Trying to emulate how people talk.
• Include long tail keywords and question keywords in your content.
• Make sure you have a site that’s optimized for mobile, and that it loads fast.
• Write content thinking that it can be understood by adolescents. That allows anyone to understand it.
• Answer questions to appear in the zero position of Google. Put h2 and h3 headings for this.
• Use structured data in your content. Optimize for featured snippets. It is a basic thing for online visibility today.

Descriptive images
Images is an element that Google has always taken into account and from where we can get a lot of traffic if we get our image to appear well positioned in Google image results or as a companion to the text of some result 0. This year the results of Image search will become even more important, from the search engine company they are making great efforts to find an AI that is capable of detecting the content of an image and helping us find what we are looking for in it or even being able to do image editing with help of artificial intelligence.

The content must be of quality and optimized
This trend is not something so new, quality content is a key point for web positioning. Many aspects of SEO depend on this, such as the structure of the site, internal links and link building.

User experience (UX) and technical SEO
Another trend, in which SEO professionals should focus around the usability (UX) of the website in question; that is, to the user’s experience when they are browsing the site.

Local commerce or business SEO
More and more people are using Google maps or other map applications to search for new restaurants, make a list of the places they want to visit, or find the contact phone number. For this reason it is very important that we have all the data of our premises well filled in and that we take advantage of all the tools that this Google space can offer us

Optimization for rich and featured snippets
With half of the searches resulting in zero clicks, the information shown in the SERPs is increasingly important. To stand out there you can take advantage of featured snippets and rich snippets.

In conclusion, we want to make you see the importance of artificial intelligence and how this technology is the one with the most growth potential in the coming years. Thanks to this, it will help us to have a simpler life. For this reason, we have to analyze new ways of interacting with users with devices and with search results in order to implement a strategy that allows us to appear prominently in Google SERP results.
We must accompany all this with the methods that we have already been using, we must not forget that the contents have to be useful and of quality for the users of our website and try to solve their concerns and satisfy their needs.