Today companies have begun to discover the value of implementing an ERP system in all areas.

This software helps in the standardization of processes and allows to generate savings in their costs. This increases your revenue by integrating with each department in your organization.

Production software will enable more efficient work, as well as better resource optimization to keep operations at maximum efficiency.

Systems that are dedicated to providing information regarding obtaining the final cost of the finished product as well as the requirements of materials associated with it. In most systems you have the functionality or ability to have control of the finished product either in batches or by serial numbers, since in the case of food or equipment it is essential to identify the group of finished products and uniquely respectively.

Manufacturing system processes begin with the definition of a BOM that refers to all the components required for the manufacture of a new product.

This list may also include non-tangible requirements such as the hours a person spends in manufacturing or the required machine time.

In other words, a bill of materials is not always composed of raw materials. Not all manufacturing systems bear the use of indirect charges so it is important to determine how important it could be not to have the ability to include indirect charges.

Overcoming this barrier of costing if so, manufacturing managers face the great challenge of planning. The planning includes not only the being able to determine if the inputs are available to be able to produce, but also whether human resources and infrastructure are available to be able to meet the production cycles at the time that is required.

Manufacturing processes are not only related to inventory information or processes, they also have a close relationship with the commercial area, with the maintenance area in case you have the resources at home or purchases in the event that the service is received or simply for the subject of replenishment of raw materials.

It is important to be able to determine the most accurate cost of a product to know its profitability.

Today companies face challenges in their manufacturing system such as: meeting customer demands at the very moment they are requested, taking immediate action by detecting production failures, and addressing unforeseen outages in the supply network.