Increase sales and optimize any area of ​​your company with our technologies, offering safe and functional solutions.

Smart Factory

Increase Production and reduce Costs with real data, alerts and filters to present KPI’s.


ThroughPut is a product based on digitizing the world’s leading continuous improvement operating principles.

Robotic Process Automation

Intuitive interface platform that allows users of all levels the creation and management of bots, providing a higher scalability and implementation.


Includes all the functionality to support the financial procedures, supplies, manufacturing, sales and distribution of a manufacturing company.


Enables you to drive predictable business growth by engaging customers in specific, personalized experiences through multiple channel.


Integrated development environment for building high performance multi-platform systems.


Interactive Monitoring Program for OpenEdge databases, developed and supported by the company White Star Software.

Telerik DevTools

Offers the best user experiences through full collection of UI development controls for creating applications quickly.

WhatsUp Gold

Provides complete visibility to everything that’s connected to your network through availability and performance monitoring for networks, systems, applications and the cloud.