Integrated development environment for building high performance multi-platform systems.
Technology is advancing so rapidly today that companies are having a difficult time keeping up.

Trends such as the cloud, responsive web, mobile devices, predictive analytics and APIs make the company constantly evaluate its technology and business strategy.

OpenEdge enables developers to quickly and easily meet the growing demands for application functionality, performance, availability, and security

OpenEdge is an integrated development environment for building high performance multi-platform systems.

The key factors for the success of an application are: high availability, performance, security and a modern user experience. Progress OpenEdge evolves into a development platform to create applications in a changing ecosystem, which operate with a flexible user interface, with services that access secure data. With Progress create applications that continue “just working”.


OpenEdge 12 is the most secure, highly available and efficient version to date. All companies can take advantage of significant advances in this release. OpenEdge continually evolves with new features and enhancements to help you meet the demand for application performance, availability, security, and data management.

To help you modernize your OpenEdge application, this version provides features that:

Get continuous and unplanned uptime

Offer performance even as the number of users and connections increases

Protect against infringements and address compliance

Create intuitive experiences that users demand

Meet business demand quickly and productively